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Kentucky Soaps & Such wanted to expand their customer base to include the growing number of men seeking natural body care products.

To this point, KSS had marketed and sold their Plainview Farm line almost exclusively to women. The look, the scents, the social media presence, and the website were all built to cater to this audience. If they wanted to sell to men, they needed a separate brand with new packaging, a new approach, and a new website.

In addition to the video projects we completed for them, we were also able to build a simple web presence that cut through the satin and bows to share the products men were interested in more effectively.

While the customer preferred to stay away from the edgier topics and imagery that most men’s body care products are famous for, we were able to loosen up the branding and messaging to lower the barrier to entry.

The site features ad focused video content, as well as a brief video tour of the production facility.

The website functions as a landing of sorts with link-offs back to the Shopify system that solved so many problems for the store.

Plainview for Men website viewed on a mobile device

The design can be viewed using the FIGMA Prototype and Website links below.

Contributors on this project include Gabe Osborne (Photography/Videography) and Brett Wiseman (Packaging Design).