Pitman Creek Wholesale exemplifies the American success story. Founded by Don and Marella Stephens in 1978 in Somerset, Kentucky, Pitman Creek started as a custom lure manufacturer and gradually evolved into a wholesale distributor to meet growing demand for product variety. In 1993, James S. Coffey acquired the company and began shaping the vision, team, and infrastructure needed for its expansion. After several significant facility upgrades, Pitman Creek now serves over 2,000 retail locations across 49 states and several foreign countries.

As Pitman Creek outgrew its “mom and pop” visual identity, it needed a more fitting representation of its progress. We were pleased to partner with them to create a new visual identity, which has been successfully integrated into materials, apparel, signage, websites, and more.

Our identity solution was able to reference the company’s legacy while incorporating a professional approach to fonts and a new color scheme.

Pitman Creek legacy logos

Time For Change

Change is almost always a huge part of growth. This is true for people and it is definitely true for businesses. Pitman Creek used a visual identity that worked well for the businesses they were targeting when the company was founded. Now, they were fishing for bigger catches in a deeper pond and it was time to switch bait.

Looking The Part

Pitman Creek had become a national player in wholesale distribution. Beyond selling bait and tackle, they were selling trust and reliability. Retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Gander Mountain couldn’t afford disruptions in their supply lines. Even elements as simple as logo and font choices significantly impact perceived reliability and professionalism.

Pitman Creek Wholesale logo
Pitman Creek logo with measurements
Pitman Creek branded colors