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The Bluebird has been a cherished fixture on Main Street in Stanford since Chef Bill Hawkins partnered with Jess and Angela Correll to establish it in 2012.

From its inception, Bluebird aimed to stand apart from other dining options in town. Chef-created dishes crafted from natural, locally sourced ingredients set a high standard, complemented by a service ethos and ambiance befitting a high-end establishment. Despite delivering on most aspects of this vision, the restaurant’s online presence on its website and social media platforms did not align with its original aspirations.

We were privileged to address this discrepancy through a revamped website, designed to elevate the restaurant’s public image and enhance usability for patrons conducting online research.

A redesigned responsive website was built to share the Bluebird story, beautiful dishes, and menu and location information.

Bluebird website in use

Menus were presented in multiple formats based on user needs, including a direct link to order online from the restaurant POS system.

Much of the messaging and imagery focused on the fact that Bluebird dishes were created using natural, locally sourced ingredients.

The design can be viewed using the FIGMA Prototype and Website links below.

Contributors on this project include Gabe Osborne (Photography/Videography) and Allison Cross (Content Updates).