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Centre College is fortunate to have a great reputation, both in the state of Kentucky and nationally. They are consistently ranked in the top 50 of Liberal Arts Colleges by U.S. News & World Report. Still, when you are competing with at least 49 other great schools for students nationally, it is important to have an effective website to help drive recruitment.

Our task was to build a website that effectively communicated the Centre Experience to prospective students, while also serving the numerous other utility needs of the college. Beyond being a recruitment tool, the website also needed to serve as a news source by delivering stories weekly to a wide variety of constituents. It also needed to function as an effective resource for those inside and outside the college looking for contact information for dozens of offices, faculty, and staff.

Our solution was to build a framework that served recruitment first, delivered news feeds distributed all over the site, and provided effective secondary navigation systems and a campus directory to serve utility functions.

A mobile responsive website was built to illustrate the Centre Experience through stories, videos, and rich imagery.

Centre College website viewed on a laptop

The biggest question the website sought to answer was “Why Centre?” Why should prospective students choose to invest the next four years of their lives in Centre College.

Prospective students were able to easily access information on academic programs, rankings, campus life, and outcomes after graduation.

The design can be viewed using the FIGMA Prototype and Website Archive links below.

Contributors on this project include Robert Boag (Photography/Videography), John Rusnak (Content Updates), Tom Sturgeon (Brand Standards), Amy Wise (News Content), and Michael Strysick (Department Leadership).