Showing Evidence and Relatable Faces

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Centre College has long been known as a leader in higher education both in the state of Kentucky and in the nation at large. Even with top-50 rankings and a great reputation in their pockets, competition for the best and brightest is tougher than ever.

More than marquee rankings or media accolades, Centre knew that students with many options needed concrete evidence of the promises the college made in their materials. They also needed to see real students from diverse backgrounds to make it easier to see themselves thriving on campus. Enter the Centre Experience campaign.


Drive prospects with outstanding academic profiles to choose Centre College.

Lack of Precedent

Despite its prestigious reputation, a concerted effort to launch a consistent marketing campaign was not something the college had attempted at the time. They had run topical ads in print publications sporadically, but never with a theme and never for a prolonged period with specific goals in mind. They also hadn’t established a visual signature in photo or video content.

A Consistent Approach

While the “Centre Experience” is a fairly broad theme, we took great pains to build consistencies in the approach to photography, videography, typography, and layout to let viewers know that these pieces belonged together. Photos taken on campus needed to have the same feel as photos taken in London or a rock quarry. Video interviews with professors needed to feel as relaxed as those with students. All of these messages also needed to be repeated and emphasized on the website and in print materials.


The Centre Experience was consistently communicated in advertising, editorial pieces, videos, print materials, and on their website.


Centre College met or exceeded its enrollment goals every year during our involvement. Efforts culminated when they welcomed the largest group of new students in the history of the College with 403 first-year students for the Class of 2021. In addition to exceeding enrollment goals, the class also featured impressive numbers in terms of academic achievement, geographic diversity, and athletic prowess.

Class of 2021 Stats

Contributors on this project include Robert Boag (Photography), Amy Wise (Written Content), Michael Strysick (Administration/Editing), Tom Sturgeon (Visual Brand Identity), John Rusnak (Editing), Diane Johnson (Written Content/Editing), Cindy Long (Written Content/Editing) and Mary Kay Jones (Scheduling).