First-Hand Accounts

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As competition for top prospective students continues to intensify it becomes increasingly important to show evidence of the value of the educational experience that an institution can offer.

The best evidence you can offer of what students at Centre experience is to record first-hand accounts directly from the sources. Interview students studying abroad in China so prospects can see themselves doing the same. Record conversations with professors so it’s easier for prospects to find educators they click with. Feature the facilities prominently so they are encouraged to visit and see them in person, which often drives applications shortly thereafter.


Share compelling examples of the Centre Experience to drive enrollment.

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More Than Rankings

Being highly ranked in various third-party lists for certain institutional criteria is nothing to sneeze at. Schools work very hard to elevate their profiles nationally using these lists. Still, it takes showing evidence beyond the numbers for students to see themselves at your institution.

Relatable Examples

In order for students to see themselves at your school, they must see others that they can identify with already there. Taking classes in China or London may seem intimidating on paper, but becomes inviting once they hear and see first-hand accounts from people from similar backgrounds.


Build a series of video testimonials to share accounts of the Centre Experience from students, faculty, and alumni.


Centre College met or exceeded its enrollment goals every year during our involvement. Efforts culminated when they welcomed the largest group of new students in the history of the College with 403 first-year students for the Class of 2021. In addition to exceeding enrollment goals, the class also featured impressive numbers in terms of academic achievement, geographic diversity, and athletic prowess.

Class of 2021 Stats

Contributors on this project include Robert Boag (Photography/Videography), Amy Wise (Scheduling), and Diane Johnson (Scheduling).